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Claim Your CryoSlimming Voucher

Are you ready to look and feel your best?

Claim Your CryoSlimming Voucher

Are you ready to look and feel your best?

About Our Medical Spa

At 3D Wellness, our state-of-the-art equipment will move your blood and transport oxygen to areas that need repair and get you back to looking and feeling great!

Safely and quickly relieve inflammation, joint/muscle pain, soreness, back pain, and reduce bruising and swelling.

Our non-invasive cryoslimming devices will take up to 2 inches off your waist, arms and thighs, with zero downtime and no pain.

"LOOK AT THAT ARM!!!," she says!

Angela came in 2 weeks prior to the BIG DAY worried about looking good and being able to fit just right in her wedding dress.

Well, we did it, not only did she look amazing (as you can see in the photos) her husband-to-be, saw the difference and most importantly, SHE WAS HAPPY!

The world's most innovative and versatile cryo-aesthetics device

Expanding the range of medical spas, physical therapy, and sports recovery

Cryo Body-Sculpting


Skin Tightening

Cellulite Smoothing

Psoriasis and Eczema

Massage Treatments

Mood and Energy Boost

Can be applied anywhere

Pain-free movement

Enhance natural inflammatory responses

Accelerated Treatment

Reduced systemic inflammation

Increased range of motion

Pain-Free Movement

Reduces Inflammation

Quick Recovery

Kinetic Therapy

Reduces Tissue Damage

Come In and Experience the Relaxing Treatment Yourself

The Results Will Sell Themselves


Cryo Body-Sculpting

Also known as cryo-lipolysis and “fat freezing”. The surface of the skin is colled to between 32° - 39°F in a matter of seconds, starting the process of destroying underlying fat cells (apoptosis) without damaging any other body tissue. The fat cells are permanently destroyed and are digested by the body's waste management system. Clients often see an instant inch-loss (as the skin tightens as well), leaving them ecstatic and returning for more treatments. The process is painless, and a full abdominal sculpting treatment takes around 6-8 minutes. Once the process has started, it can continue for up to six months.


The extensive range of treatments appeals to many different clients of all ages, shapes and sizes:

Cryo Body-Sculpting

Also known as cryo-lipolysis and “fat freezing”. The skin’s surface is painlessly cooled to 32-39°F in seconds, permanently destroying underlying fat cells (apoptosis) which are then digested by the body’s waste management system without damaging any other tissue. Clients often see an instant ‘inch-loss’ leaving them ecstatic and excited to return for more treatments. Full abdominal sculpting takes 6-8 minutes and can continue for up to six months.


Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, nose, mouth and neck. Stimulation of the basal cells in the skin rejuvenates the production of collagen, elastin and hydration in the epidermis, smoothing, filling out and invigorating the skin. Facial treatments take from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Skin Tightening

Increased production of elastin and collagen in the skin pulls ageing and loose skin tighter.

Cellulite Smoothing

Cellulite is reduced through a combination of apoptosis and increased collagen production. This has a plumping effect, smoothing the skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Psoriasis and Eczema

Treat the symptoms and signs of these autoimmune conditions. Redness, dryness, itchiness and pain can all be significantly reduced without side effects.


The cold compress attachments are ideal for use as a massage compress. At -40°F, the cool compresses provide a soothing and effective therapeutic modality for relaxing and softening tight muscles.

Mood and Energy Boost

Applying cold vapor to the scalp and areas of the spine stimulates the vagus nerve – part of the body’s “rest and digest” system. Vagus nerve stimulation has proven benefits for depression and mental wellbeing. Clients often report a mood-lift as well as feeling more awake and energized.

Pain Management and Sports Recovery

Cold therapy has been an integral part of pain management and sports recovery for a long time. Activities like applying ice packs and taking ice baths have been used by athletes and physical therapists to reduce inflammation, reduce tissue damage, and speed up recovery. But now results can be seen even faster and more effective with the use of Cryo.

What is True Cryo-Stimulation?

The term ‘cryo-stimulation’ literally means ‘stimulation using low temperature’ (“Cryo” from the Latin form of Greek, “kryos” for “icy cold” + “stimulation” – encouragement of something to make it develop or become more active) and is used as a modality to stimulate a beneficial physiological response from the body.

TruCryo uses the cooling power of carbon dioxide (CO2) – the same as the contents of the fire extinguishers seen on office and clinic walls. The CO2 is in liquid form in the cylinder and, as it leaves, expands and cools to a very chilly -108°F, providing a stream of cooling vapor which is applied to the skin.

The technology allows a localized area of skin (the abdomen, a thigh, shoulder etc.) to be cooled quickly from around 95°F to 39°F in less than 30 seconds, using a targeted spray of cold vapor. This temperature shock causes blood vessels in the underlying tissue to constrict (vasoconstriction) as a way of protecting the body’s core temperature.

How does it work?

As soon as the cold source is removed, the body warms the area quickly by expanding the blood vessels to around 4 times their original diameter (vasodilation). A rush of freshly oxygenated blood saturates the tissue, bringing with it, hormones, neurotransmitters, and nutrients. At the same time, unwanted by-products and waste produced from natural body processes are removed from the area to be processed by the lymphatic system.

The effect is for the localized tissue to receive all it needs to rejuvenate and restore its optimal functions:

  • Injured muscle tissue is relieved of systemic inflammation (at the optimum time as some inflammation is useful in the healing process) and fed with all the goodness and nutrients they need to recover faster
  • Ageing and thinning skin is able to repair the basal cell layer to restore the supply of collagen, elastin and hydration to regain a smoother, tighter appearance
  • Fat tissue breaks down and is eliminated from the body, while other surrounding tissues are not damaged.

A Few Other Cryo Slimming Results

After 1 Session

After 1 Session

Skin Treatments and Scar Therapy

Frotox / Cryo Facials

Skin Tightening and Increased Blood Flow

Miscellaneous Treatments

Tattoo Rejuvenation

Hair Regrowth

Bruise Recovery

Decrease Cystic Acne

Black Eye Healing

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